Here is what my clients say about me and my coaching:

Bex Francis


I started working with Ramsey at the start of 2014 to improve my strength and fitness for my rugby career at Thurrock T-Birds. I hadn’t worked with a coach for a few months and had been attacking the gym on my lonesome so it was brilliant and a real motivation boost to work with someone as focused as Ramsey. I saw massive gains in my strength and performance, noticeably my fitness and speed after only a few months! After initially starting to learn the Olympic lifts to improve my sprint speed and acceleration I am now making noticeable gains in my lifting strength which is allowing me to compete in this field. I’m now so much more focussed on achieving my goals than I was 6 months ago!! Thank you Ramsey!

Ashley Simkins

ash 2-1

Been working with Ramsey for 3 months now and feeling the strongest I have ever been. There was a steep learning curve with the training, learning new movements and not pushing the weights week in week out. After some sound advice from Ramsey the improvements in weight and technical ability have soared, hitting new PB’s with ease and staying injury free. I couldn’t recommend this man highly enough!

Ashley Goring

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I’ve been working with Ramsey a good few months now. I play American football and felt that I needed to make some improvements with my strength, speed, power and overall fitness. After every programme I’ve done I’ve seen massive improvements working with him! When I first started I was squatting 70kg I am now squatting 140kg. I’ve been training in general for around 3 years and this is the best I’ve ever felt and strongest I’ve ever been!

Max Strotton


Had a great session on the bike today with Ramsey, the coach / mechanic / all-round machine. As per usual I wasn’t let off lightly and my legs feel as if they’ve fallen from a 3rd story window… However pain aside, looking forward to seeing some gains going forward and am already hyped about our next session. Thanks Ramsey!

Russell Scott










When I started working with Ramsey back in July I weighed 109kg, I had already managed to lose 8kgs using steady state cardio training but found that my progress had stalled and I was no longer losing any weight, becoming stronger or even getting any fitter. Ramsey put me on a 3 days per week program, combining explosive powerful movements such as Power cleans, Kettlebell swings and box jumps with a heavy dose of high intensity CV and solid strength movements such as Squats and Deadlifts. As you can see the results speak for themselves, just 5 months later my bodyweight was down to 84kg and I’m in the shape of my life. I have since managed to shave 90 seconds from my best ever 2 mile time and have added just over 20kg to my best ever Power Clean. Cheers Ramsey!