Stupid S**t Weightlifters say (and do!)

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When I first got involved in Weightlifting and specifically coaching at competition I was given some brilliant advice from old school coach Keith Morgan (head coach at Crystal Palace WLC). He told me “Weightlifting is a brilliant sport, it’s the lifter who f**k it up!”

Since that day I have realised that never a truer word has been spoken, so here are some of my favorite stupid things I have heard or seen weightlifters do:

  1. ‘I know the programme says to stay at 70% today but I felt good so I maxed out’

I can’t actually remember how many times I’ve heard this one. Safe to say if your coach has given you a light/easy day it’s for a reason. If you don’t trust your coach then get a new one, otherwise just do what you’re told!!

DSC_0002 (2)

2. ‘You told me I needed to lose some weight so I haven’t had anything to eat today’

No I said you needed to be X weight by X date. I DID NOT tell you to stop eating, especially when you are doing hard training 5 times per week!


3. ‘It took me 12 attempts but I finally got that PB snatch/clean and jerk’

So in a sport where you only get 3 attempts in competition you decided to carry on trying a weight which you had already missed multiple times? Because that’s definitely going to help your consistency.



4. ‘I missed that weight because my pull was too strong’

No you missed it because your legs are weak.


5. ‘I’m trying to put on weight but I’m not going to do it by eating more, I’m just going to train more so I put on muscle, not fat’

So you plan to increase your bodily mass with no extra calories plus extra training? And the end result of this is increased body weight? Really?


I have lots more fun anecdotes but lets save them for another day! I hope you had fun reading.





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