Have you actually got closer to your goals in 2013?

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ImageEveryone starts every year with a set of goals, some written down and clearly laid out, others kept more private in our thoughts, but we all had goals for the coming year 12 months ago. Some people will have had professional goals such as gaining a promotion or working less hours, some will have had happiness orientated goals such as having children or moving into a nicer home. Many people will have also had fitness goals, varying massively from losing a few pounds to running a faster marathon.

As we are about to move into 2014, the time has come to evaluate our goals from 12 months ago, whether we achieved them or not and most importantly why or why not? This is important, especially when it comes to fitness related goals. You must understand how you reached any successful goals and why you did not reach others. If you do not complete this evaluation you will:

  • Not have a proven formula for success in 2014.
  • Keep making the same mistakes you made in 2013.
  • Not be honest with yourself about the reasons for any mistakes you made.

All you need to do is write down on a piece of paper the 3 top fitness related goals you had 12 months ago, you will all know what they were it may just take some thinking. Then underneath write down whether you achieved each goal. Underneath that write down the reasons for any success or failures you had. Here is my evaluation of 2013 as an example.

Personally I had three fitness related goals in mind at the start of 2013, not written down, but in my head and I thought about them everyday.

  1. My first goal was to win an inter-service (combines Army, Navy and Air force) title on the athletics track. I have won Cross country and road titles in the past but this was the one thing missing and I desperately wanted it before I left the military.
  2. My second goal was to improve my strength numbers, especially my squat and deadlift. This was really an offshoot of my first goal because I knew it would help my performance when it came to running.
  3. My final goal was to not get injured for the entire year. Simple enough.

ImageSo did I achieve my goals? Well I got a Bronze medal in both the 800m and the 1500m at the Inter-Service Athletics Championships. I managed to add huge amounts to my best Squat and deadlift numbers, currently my squat stands at 130KG and my Deadlift at 170KG, a 30KG improvement for each. Finally I managed to not get injured for the entire year.

So what were the reasons behind the above successes and failures? When it came to the race it was not the gold I was hoping for, especially in the 800m but I did take over 4 seconds off my best time. On the day I was just simply not good enough to win the title. When it came to improving my strength I started a structured, progressive and sensible training program and it worked very well. It required some changes at the start while I adapted to the extra workload but I managed to make it work and made a huge amount of improvement. Finally when it came to staying injury-free I made sure I was warming up properly before the start of every session and then stretched immediately afterwards. I changed my shoes regularly and most of all listened to my body, I found a successful formula for staying injury free.


Don’t forget to complete an evaluation of your 2013 to find out what you can do better next year. Fast Lane Fitness will be providing some exciting packages in 2014 to help you take those steps towards more success. Please ‘Like’ The Fast Lane Fitness Facebook page and keep an eye out for some awesome products coming your way in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions on anything I have discussed today or anything fitness related please do not hesitate to comment on contact me on our Facebook page. Happy training!

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